Monday, May 9, 2011

It's been a week since I posted... That means I'm dead, right?

I was gone for a week. Problem? Deal with it.

So I've been trolling Craigslist for about three days straight now, and I've come up with two cleaning jobs, and one interview. The interview is for HostGator. I'm going to post about both of the jobs, because, well, both of them seem a little shady.. or as I like to call it, interesting!

The first (for Tuesday) is for a lady. She wants us to clean out a condo she owns for someone moving into it. This lady is a talker. It took us about 20 minutes to establish what I'd be doing, where I'd be doing, and how much I would be paid. That usually should take about 5 minutes. However, she claims to have tons of connections, and (if I do a good job) wants to hire me to clean some of her condos later on down the line, which would be AWESOME.

The second guy (for Wednesday) is much shadier. In our e-mail discourse he asked if I could do "massages", and I promptly replied that no, I have no idea how to "massage" and would it be okay if I brought my assistant (read: bodyguard)? He said yes, that it would be fine, and that we'd reschedule for Wednesday.

Then, on Thursday, I have an interview for a tech support job or possibly more for HostGator. They're really cool, and they get great reviews on glassdoor, so I hope that goes well. My only concern is that a real part time job might require me to do more hours than I can put in with my school schedule.


  1. good luck with it! i also got few this week and i hope it will be positive this time!

  2. If I had to work while going to school, one of those responsibilities would have suffered. Good luck in your efforts.

  3. Massages? -> Creep time. Run away!