Monday, May 2, 2011

My Summer Schedule

This is my school schedule for this summer. Let's take a look. If you look under units (semester hours, credits, whatever), it will show that I have 6 classes at 3 credits each. That's 18 credits. That is 18 hours. What this chart doesn't show you, though, is that two of those classes are accelerated courses.. as in they last half of the semester each. So I've got one for the first half of the semester, and one for the second half. That means that at any given moment I will only have five classes at once. And one of them will be extremely fast paced, if not two or three of them. I did check all of those professors on, and all of them got excellent reviews, so this should be all right. A work load this big with bad professors would be impossible, but I think I can manage this. Especially since five of them are distance education (online) classes. I'll be busy this summer. And this fall.
So yeah. That to the left there is this fall. That MoTuWeThFr class is a literature class for a mini session. I think it lasts from December 19th to January 19th? It's just a very, very short session. But I really, really love literature, and that professor got around 7 pages of good reviews, so I'm going to take the plunge there. It'll seem like a lot less of a work load because I'll only have 4 classes at a time with one of them being half of a semester again, and then that accelerated course right after finals week.

So what is the purpose of such a heavy work load, you ask? Well, you see, if I do this, that means that I can have my associate's in science by either next summer or fall, depending on how the financial aid levels out.

Other News

Why haven't I uploaded my new let's play yet? Well, I've been playing Paper Mario, and sucking, but I've gotten a LOT better since I started. So, much to what I'm sure will be your satisfaction, I am going to make/try to upload another today. Let's see how it goes, huh?


A song I did not steal from my friend.


  1. 5 classes this summer?! omgoshhh. I wish you the best of luck! If you ever need help in literature, post it! Maybe I can help in some way. I am an English/elementary education major. :P

  2. Good luck with it, thank god i already finished mine

  3. Is... one of the professors named Awasom?

  4. 18 Freakign units per semester? you must be crazy! and those dont look like simple classes either. hope you do well! Also, in the video they show lots of sunblock squirts... I hate the taste of that stuff... always winds up in my mouth some how... blah!

  5. Looks like a recipe for burnout to me.